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    • Color touch screen

      The color touch screen eliminates the need to correct the touch position, window-type human-machine dialogue, simple operation, and flexibility.

    • High brightness, long life led light source

      The color sorting machine adopts a high-brightness, long-life LED light source, which not only ensures high-definition images, but also satisfies a variety of color sorting, positive selection, reverse selection, and re-selection, not only lasting stability, but also the color selection effect is more prominent.

    • High quality high frequency solenoid valve

      The high-quality high-frequency solenoid valve can control the flow and direction of the air, and it is practical and durable.

    • High resolution color ccd

      The color sorter adopts high-resolution color ccd (5000*3 pixel technology) and adopts domestic first-class optical lens to effectively recognize smile impurities as small as 0.1 square millimeter.

      Make full use of professional image acquisition and processing systems to obtain high quality image processing programs.

    • Excellent after-sales service

      The value of work comes from good service to each other. We should not only let the consumers using wenyao products feel the quality service, but also let our internal customers enjoy the quality service.

    • Low failure rate

      Adopt high quality solenoid valve, long service life, high efficiency, low gas consumption, large output of machine, low take out ratio, small fault rate

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