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How to improve the yield of agricultural products?

Publishdate:2018-08-01 Views:1128

Recently, garlic was returned to China, causing great economic loss to garlic farmers. After this event, it is increasingly important for agricultural development to improve the yield of agricultural products and reduce the risk of farmers. How to increase farmers' income and take into account the interests of both farmers and consumers? How to transform the existing small-scale peasant economy into large-scale production as soon as possible?

The government should foster intermediate organizations that connect farmers

At present, China's three rural problems have many difficult problems to be solved. From the perspective of the organizational form of Chinese farmers, there is still a lack of a strong intermediate organization, which connects the top design with "natural gas" to be implemented at the grassroots level. In Taiwan, almost every farmer's family will participate in the local farmers' association, and the association will implement policies related to agriculture, huang said. Today, the agro-association of Taiwan has the functions of technical promotion, processing trade, marketing and financial insurance.

In mainland China, agricultural cooperatives play a similar role, but compared with Taiwan's agricultural associations, their functions are relatively simple. Huang suggested that both the mainland and Taiwan's agriculture are dominated by small-scale peasant economies, and that to develop on a large scale, intermediaries or non-governmental organizations must bring them together. He suggested that the government should foster the development of intermediaries such as the peasant associations and give them more functions from a legislative perspective.

The government should step in if agricultural prices fluctuate too much

To solve the problem of the rise and fall of agricultural products, on the one hand to combat the malicious speculation of hot money on basic crops, on the other hand, agricultural production mode also needs to be innovated. "These are crops that meet the basic needs of the people. The government must step in to prevent prices from fluctuating too much." Huang pointed out that although the state can introduce subsidy policies to subsidize consumers at high prices and protect farmers at low prices, it is difficult for administrative subsidies to form long-term effects, and the root cause is to enrich the forms of agricultural production.

Agricultural products should follow a differentiated path. "the government should strengthen guidance and farmers should take a long-term view," he said. Look from microcosmic level, produce also should take the way of product diversity. 'in Taiwan, for example, there are hundreds of mango products, and every farmer can differentiate among them, such as dried mango, mango ice and even mango beer, pudding, bread, etc., to avoid over-concentration of one product,' he said. At the same time, due to the time difference caused by deep processing, agricultural products can also be concentrated on the market may lead to peak valley fill, so as to stabilize the price of agricultural products. In these marketing methods, the local peasant associations have played a huge role.