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Discussion on the five performance advantages of color selection machine

Publishdate:2018-08-01 Views:392

At present, color selection machine is playing an important role in the manufacturing industry, especially in the improvement of product quality, reducing a lot of manpower, material resources and improving efficiency. Compared with the traditional color selection and screening process, the color selection machine has the following five performance advantages:

1. The color sorter USES high resolution color CCD (5000*3 pixel technology), adopts domestic first-class optical lens, and effectively identifies smiling impurities as small as 0.1 square millimeter.

2. The color selection machine adopts high brightness and long life led light source, which not only ensures high clarity image, but also can satisfy multiple color separation, positive selection, negative selection and check. It is not only durable and stable, but also has more prominent color selection effect.

3. Make full use of professional image acquisition and processing system to obtain high-quality image processing programs.

4. Adopt high-quality and high-frequency electromagnetic valve, which can control the air flow and direction, and is highly practical and durable.

5. Color touch, no need to adjust the touch position, window-type man-machine dialogue, simple operation, flexible and easy to learn.