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What are the installation requirements for the cream-colored machine?

Publishdate:2018-08-01 Views:378

The rice selection machine has been widely used in the rice selection and has been favored by many rice manufacturers, which has improved the rice quality and the work efficiency of screening. As we have learned, after a lot of manufacturer bought big cream-colored to select a machine, the effect is not however as good as imagined however, the reason that appears this kind of circumstance mostly is because installation environment has a problem or working order is wrong, so, this text detailed explanation big cream-colored to select a machine to install working requirement, in order to solve everybody's in the mind perplexed.

First of all, installation environment of large beige selecting machine:

1. Strong light (lighting equipment, etc.) or sunlight cannot directly reach the color sorter, otherwise, the ability of the photoelectric system to capture signals will be reduced, i.e. it is difficult to distinguish different color particles and other information, thus reducing the color selection accuracy, increasing the band ratio and reducing the color selection effect.

Strong electromagnetic interference is not allowed around the 2-color sorter, such as high frequency emission, welding, etc., otherwise it will easily affect the normal operation of the sorter.

3 color selections should not be installed in places where there is too much vibration or strong vibration, otherwise it will easily affect the effect of color selection and damage the color selections.

4 color selecting machine cannot be installed in the place of low temperature, high temperature, humidity and multiple dust. The operation room of color selecting machine should be isolated from other equipment of rice milling factory and ensure the environment is well ventilated.

The ground should be level without embedded anchor bolts.

Second, process of color selecting machine:

1 into the rice color separator, should not have stone, metal and other substances, which requires the section in the early qing to install reasonable drum first cleaning sieve, plane rotary sieve, removing stone machine, vacuuming the wind net, since the scale vibrating screen and magnetic separation machine, etc., as much as possible to remove impurities, reduce the content of different color particles, reduce color machine working pressure, in the early qing dynasty functions, improve the efficiency of colors to choose.

It should be polished before selection in beige. Polished rice, white and shiny, without chaff and other powders. If rice contains powdery substance much, moisture is tall, time is long, temperature is appropriate, agglomerate easily inside channel, affect rice grain flow, at the same time cent of indoor dust concentration is high, the ability that can affect an electric eye recognizes, reduce colour to choose an accuracy, reduce the service life of colour to choose a machine.

The white rice must be graded before the beige is selected. After rice milling, milling, polishing, paddy separation and impact in the process of mechanical transport process has become the broken parts of the different color granule, mainly, mildewed crude grain, yellow and so on, these grains of tensile, compressive strength is small, broken rate is higher than normal, and in the ground and also has a high proportion of small pieces, through the classification of color can be greatly reduced the load of the machine.