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Color selection of installation precautions are what

Publishdate:2018-08-01 Views:1048

For any processing machine, there will be installation requirements on the manual, so that the machine can work better, color selection machine is the same. There are also many requirements on the installation of color sorter. This paper summarizes the important matters needing attention in the installation of color sorter, which is convenient for the normal use in the later stage.

1. Please install the color selector on a platform that is horizontal and fixed without vibration, and check the level of the machine. Adjust the level of the machine with the level gauge to no more than 2/1000mm. Note: the four bottom disc must be placed on the support column of the platform! To achieve the best stress effect.

Second, do not install the color separator at low temperature, high temperature, humidity, dust, keep the color separator ambient temperature in the range of 0 to 40 ℃.

3. Please avoid installing color picker in the environment with strong electromagnetic interference, such as welding, high frequency emission, etc.

4. Please avoid installing the color picker in a place with direct sunlight and strong light.

In order to prevent electrostatic interference, iron pipes are required to be used in incoming and outgoing materials and air ducts, non-metal pipes are avoided and good grounding is required.

6. Please avoid installing the color sorter on the same power supply line with the high-power equipment, so as to prevent the normal operation of the color sorter due to the sudden start of the high-power equipment, resulting in excessive reduction of power supply voltage of the color sorter. Note: the power supply of color selecting machine must use separate power supply circuit.

Vii. The rice collecting hopper of the color selecting machine must be hung up to ensure that the rice collecting hopper will not squeeze the whole color selecting machine when saving rice, causing the deformation of the color selecting machine due to long-term non-uniform stress and thus affecting the color selection effect.

8. Sufficient space must be left around the operating platform of color selection machine for operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, etc. Generally, space above 60cm should be left around.