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Ore color machine which brand is good, ore color machine brand ranking

Publishdate:2018-09-10 Views:1072

Ore color sorter which brand is good, ore color sorter brand ranking? Ore color sorter, perhaps many people will feel very strange. It is a large sorting machine for the ore industry. The application of mineral color sorter improves the quality of products, production efficiency and the value of raw materials. For example, the application of mineral color sorter to quartz sand has a profound influence. A lot of manufacturers buy mineral color sorter here, want to know which brand of mineral color sorter is good, mineral color sorter brand ranking?

Which brand is good for mineral color sorter, and the brand rank of mineral color sorter? Since some people have such doubts, then we recommend the wen-yao intelligent mineral color sorter, why the recommendation? It is certain that wenyao intelligent ore color sorter has the advantages worth recommending:

1. Imported high-precision 53.4 megapixel high-speed linear array scanning CCD, high-definition recognition and high-speed sorting;

2. Equipped with special light source, which can satisfy thousands of color separation, identify subtle changes in color, and have excellent selection effect on slight differences of light yellow, dark and the same color;

3. High quality image processing technology, able to distinguish small areas of 0.04 square mm;

4. Able to identify subtle defects in materials and provide excellent solutions for materials that cannot be sorted by high-precision separation and ordinary color sorter;

5. Powerful operating system, equipped with independent color selection mode, each mode has the memory function, and there is no need to set again for the second sorting, and excellent sorting effect can be obtained.

Ore color sorter which brand is good, ore color sorter brand ranking? Ore color sorter, the principle is similar to plastic color sorter, tea color sorter, big cream-color sorter, mainly carries on the sorting to the ore kind, including the black ore, the colored ore, the precious metal, the non-metal and so on, the wenyao intelligent ore color sorter is worth everybody to buy, moreover its price also is very reasonable, the price ratio is very high! Anhui wenyao intelligent photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service of CCD intelligent color sorter and near-infrared color sorter. Through the implementation of "standardization", "systematization" and "internationalization" three strategies to gradually promote the development of the enterprise, through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, wenyao intelligent color selection machine products widely sold at home and abroad, the user's favor and support.