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How to choose the color selection machine | wenyao intelligent teach you how to choose!

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Color sorter is used to separate materials by identifying subtle color differences. It is widely used for sorting ores, food, tea, plastics, medicine and so on. At present, the color selection machine in the world was invented by Japanese sasaki. With the development of China, the color selection machine is mainly concentrated in hefei. Because color selection machine is a high-tech product, so how to purchase a suitable color selection machine is a relatively difficult thing. Various brands in the market, different configurations, dazzling, today wenyao intelligent to tell you how to choose their own color selection machine.
1) the required output and select products according to the output; 2) if the output is enough, please pay attention to the cleaning rate (the net material rate refers to the ratio of the weight of the available part of the raw material after the preliminary processing to the total weight of the raw material before the processing). Generally, the higher the purity, the higher the value. 3) the budget and the amount of money determine the allocation to some extent. However, it is the price/performance ratio that determines the most suitable machine for you to buy within the limited budget.
Note 1) the higher the net ratio of the three factors, which are primarily considered in the color sorter, the better the color sorter; The lower the belt out ratio, the better the color sorter, the higher the output, the better the color sorter. When buying, we should consider all three factors comprehensively and choose the optimal ratio suitable for us. 2) the machine configuration and algorithm choose the appropriate configuration according to their own materials. Each material is different in shape, color and so on. In order to achieve the best sorting effect, the machine configuration and algorithm are different. And the same material will have different material conditions, so the algorithm needs to be adjusted and set different parameters. Comprehensive factors, manufacturers can provide customization, is also crucial, do not choose universal color selection machine. 3) there are many manufacturers of color sorters in China, but the focus is on hefei, so choose color sorters or choose hefei. This and buy ceramic tile producing area guangdong had better be same, white tea must buy fujian same. Hefei develops color machine earliest, talented person is more concentrated, so the technology also is more mature. Hefei is already a production base of color selection machine industry. 4) the manufacturer's color selecting machine belongs to the optoelectronic integrated machine, which has high requirements on technology and professional skills, as well as production requirements from talents to sites. Small manufacturer, the first can't meet the requirements of custom, after will be very troublesome, and the small plant cannot afford the high cost of production, affirmation is to cut corners, so sure there is no guarantee that 5) quality, after-sales service color separator is precision machine, and in the actual production, color separator in one production line is running around the clock. In addition, most customers are far away from the color sorter manufacturers. If the color sorter has problems and the maintenance is not timely, the entire production line will be shut down, resulting in heavy losses.
3. Field visit and final decision
Hearing is virtual, seeing is real. Take your materials to the site for on-site sorting to see the final effect. By the way, the strength of the company, service attitude and quality, for the final decision to provide reliable basis.
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