company culture

一、 Corporate culture core

1. Enterprise tenet: Provide excellent digital sorting equipment for human food safety and industrial classification!

2. Corporate vision: to become the global sorting industry No.1

3. Corporate mission: Let Wenyu products enter every corner of the country, and let people from different countries and different ethnic groups enjoy the fruits of Wenyu technology.

4, the core values of the company: a win-win situation is the basis of our survival and development

二、corporate philosophy

1.Core concept

1.1Talent Concept

Integrity-based, public and private; five lakes and four seas, people do their best; performance-oriented, shared growth.

We believe that honesty is the foundation of being a good person, and honesty is an important factor in selecting talents.

We come from all corners of the country, and we can also be a family of people. We are also a Wenyu person. As long as we have talents, we have the right place to do our best.

Our selection and promotion is a complete performance-oriented, and meritocracy is the constant selection principle of talents. In the same position, those with outstanding performance will never be ignored.

It is the responsibility of the company to let employees share growth with the company. Employees who contribute to the development of the company should receive the rewards and developments they deserve. As long as they contribute to the development of the company, the individual will be able to develop.

1.2Innovative concept

Continuous improvement, never stop to innovate.

Innovation is our soul. Without innovation, there is no us, not our future.

1.3 Learning philosophy

Study hard, learn to use.

We want to be long-term, but we don't have a ready-made way to go. We must continue to learn and grow. We are a learning organization. Learning is something that every literati must do all his life. He is "working in middle school and learning."

1.4 pain concept

To understand your own happiness, income, and career development, you must rely on your own struggles. The process of struggle is painful. Only those who have long-term hardships and can experience pain can withstand any blow and succeed.

1.5 Success concept

Because it is difficult, it is successful.

No single success can be easily obtained, and “difficult” is the reason for success. Only by doing what others think is difficult and impossible is called success. People who cannot challenge difficulties will not succeed.

2. Business philosophy

2.1 thorough productist

We advocate a thorough productist. All our business philosophy and behavior must be reflected in the products. Excellent quality, low cost, high technology and many functions are our requirements for every piece of stationery.

2.2 diligent and thrifty, hard work

Diligence and hard work are the fine traditions we have been adhering to. We refuse to be extravagant and waste, not to engage in flashy forms and arbitrage.

2.3 Value comes from quality service

Everyone in the literary class is a waiter and everyone is being served. The value of work comes from the quality of service between each other. Not only do consumers who use literary products feel good service, but also our internal customers enjoy quality service. Whether the work is valuable depends on whether it can provide quality services to your customers.

2.4 Steady operation, priority of efficiency

The company bears the dreams, pursuits and future of Wenyu people. In the fierce market competition, we must adhere to a sound operation. Every effort we make must focus on corporate efficiency. We must do detailed analysis and research on everything, and we must not blindly pursue high profits and ignore high risks.

3.Management philosophy

3.1 Management simplification

Truth is always the simplest, and the principles of management are simple. Simply put, a word can make everyone understand.

3.2 Pay attention to details and focus on effectiveness

We believe that the real solution to the corporate crisis is a subtle little thing - the crisis is in the details, and the profits are in the hands of every employee. The trickle of the stream gathers into the sea, and the details around us determine our success or failure.

3.3 Unity and cooperation, system wins

Today’s era is no longer an era of individualism and individual heroism. All members of Wenyu must unite and cooperate to improve system efficiency in order to gain an advantage in the competition.

3.4 Quality-oriented, everyone is responsible

Quality is the life of a product, and the quality of its products depends on each of us. In the enterprise, no matter which position you are in, it will have an impact on product quality.